Your data under control
Effective, electronic documentation workflow.

Online access

  • logging into the application using a web browser
  • no need to install additional software
  • view and control of data regardless of where the users are located
  • access from mobile devices

One solution for a multitude of tasks

  • management of many projects using one platform
  • possibility to assign users to one or many projects
  • possibility to grant permissions adequate to the function in the project
  • data distribution within the team as well as to external entities
  • protected access to a secure data store

Effective communication

  • access to current project documentation at any time
  • simultaneous user information on data modification
  • data protection against permanent deletion
  • elimination of paper and data storage devices
  • insight into the history of the revision of documents
  • unlimited number of users

Easy document management

  • intuitive interface and simplified management system
  • creating and defining tasks
  • verification of task implementation
  • authorization of stages in the process
  • possibility to comment and approve documents
  • creating reports


  • secure storage of confidential documents
  • logging of only authorized users
  • no need to download plug-ins
  • fully controlled distribution and sharing
  • eliminating the risk of accidental deletion or modification of data
  • simultaneous access for all parties involved
  • browsing documents in a controlled environment
  • possibility to generate a register of downloads and shares
  • creating backups