Document flow management in processes characterized by a high degree of complexity, a significant number of participants and operation under time pressure requires an efficient data exchange and archiving system. More and more companies who care about effective organization of processes choose electronic systems supporting document workflow.

The data exchange platform allows simultaneous cooperation of all project participants in a properly configured environment. Thanks to our application, it is much easier to control the communication between project participants, store confidential data and share it with selected people. Using the EDM, each document will go where it should, will be properly processed and securely archived when the process is finished.

spotkanie implementacyjne

For whom?

The EDM application will work for any company where large number of documents (contracts, invoices, technical documentation, etc.) are exchanged involving cooperation of many parties.

This solution can be successfully implemented in the following industries:

  • construction and real estate;
  • finance – financial institutions, investment funds;
  • advisory – law firms, accounting offices, consulting companies;
  • manufacturing.

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