Construction projects are characterized by a high degree of complexity and a large number of participants involved. From a few to several dozen different companies can cooperate simultaneously under one construction project, changing as the project develops – starting with the investor, through the architect, consultants, financing institutions, designers, cost estimators, construction management companies, contracting companies, investment supervision to facility management companies managing the completed facility.

The data exchange platform allows simultaneous cooperation of all project participants in a properly configured environment. Thanks to the application, it is much easier to control communication between project participants, store confidential data and share it with selected people.

zarządzanie edm

In EDM you can transparently:

  • conduct a technical due diligence process;
  • analyze and comment on documents;
  • manage technical documentation;
  • accept material solutions;
  • publish reports and pictures;
  • manage tenants;
  • coordinate industries;
  • approve subcontractors;
  • accept costs;
  • upload contracts, requests, and inquiries;
  • share files or entire folders at once (even with non-users of the application).

For whom?

The EDM application supports businesses related to construction and real estate industry. It is an ideal solution for their investment projects, where the cooperation of many entities involved is crucial for such documents as:

  • agreements;
  • formal and legal documents;
  • cost estimates;
  • invoices;
  • expert studies;
  • project documentation;
  • technical specifications;
  • operational documents etc.
spotkanie implementacyjne
spotkanie implementacyjne

The EDM is used in particular by:

  • Real estate investors / buyers -> efficient running of Due Diligence processes
  • Property owners -> management and insight into full documentation regarding the building portfolio
  • Property managers -> day-to-day management of processes and documents related to the maintenance and operation of facilities
  • Developers -> investment process management – from concept to putting into service
  • Project Managers -> investment process management – from concept to putting into service
  • Designers -> remote work on the subsequent stages of the project, data storage with the possibility of revisioning of files, data protection against loss
  • Construction companies and contractors -> management and insight into the same documents for all construction sites, data security)

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