The Effective Data Management (EDM) system can be used as an online document repository for secure storing and sharing of files and exchanging confidential information. Traditionally, this process would take place in a physical room, where classified documents would be collected and made available to investors. Due to high costs, time consuming process and security threats of the traditional solution, virtual data rooms are used as a more economical and definitely more convenient method.

analiza edm

The EDM application provides:

  • secure storage of confidential documents;
  • logging of only authorized users;
  • no need to download plug-ins;
  • fully controlled distribution and sharing;
  • opportunity to discuss a selected item (Q&A);
  • possibility to specify the status of the document (approved, for verification, rejected);
  • eliminating the risk of accidental deletion or modification of data;
  • simultaneous access for all parties involved;
  • browsing documents in a controlled environment;
  • possibility to generate a register of downloads and shares;
  • creating backups;

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